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Big River Radio (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd.

Radio has taken India by storm. Virtually every segment of the society is under the spell of radio. Everyone across socio-economic background and from all walks of life are grooving to the tunes of FM stations. Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India has launched its second phase of FM Radio Broadcasting Services policy. This has encouraged many private players to set up their own radio stations, a rare and low-investment-high-return business opportunity.

Big River Radio is a group of India’s finest media professionals who are on the forefront of this ongoing radio revolution in the country. Founded by Tarique Ansari and Sunil Kumar in 2002, it is the same group of people who gave the medium a new meaning, a new language, a new dimension when they ran a hugely successful Radio 1 in New Delhi through the 90s and made a significant contribution by developing locally relevant business models, programming strategy, organisational structures, and equipment buying methods for the first phase of full-fledged privatisation of the medium in the country from 2000 till date.

Rediscovery of this medium has brought with it a whole new world of opportunities, and a significant number of new players, yet in today’s highly competitive market scenario the radio industry remains largely unorganized with a growing need of radio talent and a lack of training facilities. Big River Radio offers a vast array of services to companies and individuals looking at the medium for various purposes, covering virtually every aspect of the business.

We offer a unique value proposition to all our Clients:

  • We help you develop a vision for your business and generate business while keeping an eye on the break-even, revenue generation and profitability.
  • We help you develop a learning organisation, with a set of highly motivated employees for whom success holds no bar.
  • We understand your audience and help create content that matches their preferences.
  • We help you make a difference to your employees, your Clients and the Community.
  • We provide you services that guarantee results.

1. High on capability:
Our team of professionals from the fields of radio, advertising marketing and technology, brings with them many years of experience and proven track record. This team would address your needs, creating effective solutions. The team works under the leadership of Mr. Sunil Kumar, a pioneer of the radio revolution in the country

2. High on knowledge of the industry:
We, at Big River Radio, are experienced in handling of this medium. This experience is built on a large edifice of hands on working knowledge and professional training, and hours of research and continues upgrading of knowledge. It is this domain knowledge that is demonstrated in every thing we do for you.

3. High on national and international Networking:
A strategic alliance with industry expert, both in India and abroad, helps us to have an inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach to business issues. This network also works as a resource bank our clients are welcome to explore.

4. High on ethics:
A set of stringent rules and a transparent system is practiced to protect the interests of all our associates, making it absolutely certain that ethics are not compromised under any circumstances.

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Mission Statement:
Big River Radio’s mission is to be on the forefront of the growth of radio industry in India. For this the company will work closely with all stakeholders and like-minded individuals and organisations in India and abroad.

Invest our resources of people, knowledge and capabilities in creating and managing solutions to various challenges that confront the radio industry at a given point, in the interest of the industry itself and society at large.

We will seek and service clients, who can benefit from our counsel. We will work as a part of their business and strive to exceed their expectations from us.

Our team is committed to develop and deliver ideas and create workable solutions for all our clients. We will always work towards creating and maintaining an environment that attracts and retains the finest talents available.

We believe that radio is to do with PEOPLE and PASSION. Everything else comes after that.

We will never compromise on ETHICS, CIVILITY and HONESTY in all that we do and in every situation.

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  • No job or assignment is too big or too small - We are only guided by the value we can create in that.
  • There is no one solution to all problems - We develop individual solutions to individual problems.
  • Need for Intellectual Honesty - We make recommendations that work for our clients and not merely to please them.
  • Highest Standards of Ethics and Professionalism - It is our belief that this is the most important of values, and we demonstrate this in all our interactions with clients, associates, employees and other individuals. We believe that this is the only way to create lasting relationships.
  • Knowledge Works - Our domain knowledge is why clients come to us. We invest considerable resources in acquiring confident understanding of our domain, and keep abreast with the information, global trends and practices with the sole purpose of sharing this with our clients.

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Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar is an Honours Graduate and a Post Graduate in Psychology from the University of Delhi.

The first eight years of his career, starting 1986, were in Advertising – he was a copywriter with advertising agencies such as Ulka, Everest and O&M, where he worked on some of the best known brands and public service campaigns in India.

Wanting to channelise his creativity and business acumen into related areas, he set up Radio 1, one of the first and most successful radio services in India in the private sector. In 1999 he moved to Capital FM, UK, for a training programme in radio station management.

He came back to head the Radio Mid-Day’s radio project in 2000. In 2001, he joined Zee Telefilms Limited, where he had the twin responsibility of heading Zee Telefilm’s radio project and television news channel.

He left Zee in 2001 to set up his own consulting practice for radio station management, content aggregation and executive search. His clients list includes several reputed names in the business like BBC World, Bhaskar Group, Living Media (India Today), O&M, JWT, and Grey Worldwide, amongst others.

He is a regular contributor to various industry journals and websites in India and abroad. He is on the visiting faculty at several media schools in India.

His other interests include folk music, photography and travel.

Chetan Sharma

Chetan Sharma, Joint Managing Director of Big River Radio, is among India's best known media professionals today, with over 20 years of experience in radio and television industries.

After successfully running a family business for several years, he moved to the world of media and entertainment, and worked for 10 years in the private FM radio industry at the time of its inception in India. He hosted several popular shows on Times FM, AIR FM and some Internet Radio Stations. Besides being a presenter, he was also involved in producing, scripting, managing, and promoting these shows. Sports commentary has been, and remains, Chetan's personal favorite.

His news television career spanning over 12 years includes senior editorial positions at NDTV, TV Today (Aajtak and Headlines Today), ESPN Star Sports, and TWI. He is currently a Consulting Editor with Zee Network channels.

Chetan's other experience includes production of over 200 radio/TV spots and voice-over for over 500 radio/video commercials for top brands. He has been an analyst of the stock markets and a consultant on finance matters for the last 16 years. He is an Honours Graduate in Commerce and an MBA in Finance.

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